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Global configuration file

The global configuration file consists of multiple parts.

Element Description
default The default configuration to be loaded
aircraft Aircraft specific configurations
midi_input_device The name of the midi input
midi_output_device The name of the midi output
additional_simvars Extra simvars that are not available in python-simconnect


Which json file to load when there is no match from the aircraft_contains elements of the aircraft element.

"default": "config_default.json",



Please note that the name of the aircraft can be different when selecting another livery, so select an identifier that is always there.

Load a specific config file when the name of the aircraft contains a specific string. To find out the name of your aircraft look at the output of the application when you switch aircraft.

"aircraft": [
    "aircraft_contains": "A320",
    "file": "config_a320.json"

Midi input & output device

Generally this is always X-TOUCH MINI 0 for the input and X-TOUCH MINI 1 for the output. But if you have more midi devices connected to your PC it might be different. To find out which device you need to select, launch the application and it will print out the found input and output devices.

"midi_input_device": "X-TOUCH MINI 0",
"midi_output_device": "X-TOUCH MINI 1",

Additional simvars

This is an advanced use case. This application uses the Python-SimConnect library to communicate with the Flight Simulator, but the library does not have all the simvars built in. To find out which simvars are built in look in the Any additional simvars can be defined in this element.

"additional_simvars": [
    "name": "APU_SWITCH",
    "description": "When the APU is available",
    "simvar": "APU SWITCH",
    "type": "Bool",
    "writable": false

Element Description
name The name that you reference in the config files
description Description
simvar Name of the actual simvar in MSFS
type The type of the simvar, view for possibilities
writable true when you can write to the simvar