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If you just want to use or change the config files proceed to the next section.

To develop on the project, perform the following steps.


This project uses Python 3.8 for the code, it is also needed to preview the documentation locally. This can be installed from the Python website. Make sure to select checkmark to add Python into the system path.

You may also need Visual C++ which can be installed via the build tools installer


The documentation uses mkdocs with the material theme. The table of contents is managed in mkdocs.yml, all the pages are located in the docs subfolder. Run the following commands once to install mkdocs.

pip install mkdocs
pip install mkdocs-material
After that the documentation can be generated with the command below. This will host a website on localhost that is automatically updated when you save a file.
mkdocs serve


To work on the code clone the code, setup a virtual environment and install the requirements.

REM Create and activate a virtual environment
python -m venv env
REM Install requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt
REM Start msfs and run the application

Building the exe

The exe is created with pyinstaller this needs to be installed seperately through pip install pyinstaller. After that create the exe with the following command:

pyinstaller main.spec